Collect data in entertaining ways!Welcome to Mag-Net 2024

We have been incorporated for our Tenth year!

Pictured This Week: The remote control cars we will use to measure speed and acceleration.  Come along and discuss!

Contact  John at "jwidmer(that usual little symbol)" if you wish to "keep in touch".  If you "borrowed" an Arduino from us at the Berwick Maker-Space ... here are some first steps to see that it is working!!  John also talked to some fantastic teachers from Burwood.

STEM projects this week .. using a Bluetooth enabled Arduino compatible experimental board.

Mag-Net is an incorporated group of science, technology, engineering and maths educators.  It was formed from a network of teachers that ran the Mag-Net Science and technology centred based at Monash University and at the University of Melbourne in the 1990's.  Mag-Net has been incorporated in Victoria since 2014.

It now a formal/informal network of educators concerned with the interpretation and incorporation of STEM ideas   in the formal classroom.

Past and Future Activities

Mag-Net Online Association of STEM Educators Incorporated.  We presented at  MAVCON 2018, MAVCON 2019 and again at MAVCON22 to present "Where do the Rich People Live?".  Come along and participate in the discussion.

We were pleased to raise the issue of STEM at the Science Teachers' Conference ... but nothing appeared at MAVCON in 2013.  John presented the use of "open-ended" maths software at  MAVCON 2014 in December 2014.  We spoke device programming at MAVCON 2015.

Here is the official photo of our sixth meeting since we announced the Victorian Incorporation of Mag-Net in 2013.  Thank you Karen (absent), David,  Roland, Gary, John and Rob ( on the right ).   Mag-Net is oldest registered STEM educators association of  in Australia!  Can you join? Sure -- But please read our 2017 Annual Report
2019 Board Meeting - AGM
Mag-Net members (Gary and John ) were please to meet new friends at CONASTA 63 If you wish to email or contact Gary or John email them at "jwidmer(that usual little symbol)".  They will be happy to talk to you more about the meaning of STEM!

Incorporated Association Number: A0059818T ( Registered in Victoria )

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