Why we use CODE.ORG, Scratch and "Wiring"!

Many schools (Brisbane Boys' College) have developed a very interesting 'Robot' wars and RoboCup programming activity groups. They have become a feature of their school's profile. The link from CODE.ORG to something constructible and tangible is Arduino (an open-source piece of programmable hardware).
G16 Robots Roaming Around Your Classroom? Why NOT? - 10 STEM Computer Programming Ideas
John Widmer - Werribee Secondary College and Mag-Net Online STEM Educators, VIC
Werribee Secondary College Students, VIC
Workshop Years 3 to 10
Participants will use CODE.ORG, Scratch, Excel, Geogebra, flowcharts and an Arduino robot to visualize the challenges of computer programming. What are STEM programming activities? They allow students to experience the constructive experiences that use science, technology, engineering and mathematical thinking. They can be any activity that allows the student to develop programming skills within a technology and engineering paradigm. They are an essential introduction to problem-based learning. Mag-Net believes in mixing a diverse variety of constructive experiences. The workshop will be run by the teacher and students who presented 'The answer was 20 - What was the question?' at MAVCON 2014.

Note: Participants are expected to bring a programming device ( laptop or pad ) to the workshop. Participants are encouraged to contact the presenter before booking the activity.