The Mag-Net STEAM Workshop at CONASTA66 - John Widmer

H17: A 21st century Mona Lisa your Science classroom? Why NOT? 10 embedded STEaM paradigms for science 

What insights do the Arts give us?  Think about Pasteur

Mag-Net believes in deliberately mixing a diverse variety of constructive experiences. Participants will see a collection of ideas and ways to run activities for a STEAM club, brought to you by the group that presented “How to blow up the science lab”, "Make ice-cream in class!” at CONASTA 62, 63 and 64. The Mag-Net Online Association is a free networking environment for STEM teachers.

Where can you find other STEAM activities? Youtube and Google. Where can you try them? Mostly at lunchtime .. But they are insidiously surfacing within the conventional curriculum. You might like to create the essential links between science, technology and art that Australian science teachers must further develop as part of your science classroom environment.

10 Classroom Paradigms! -- or 10 Different ways a teacher might think about "creating"!

Lastly .. is music art? 

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