Keeping it real: data, data and more data

Here is what we are proposing to discuss at MAVCON this year.  Come along and contribute your view .. and help us make your classes more "realistic"!

"Society is changing with automation, technology and vast amounts of data being created at an incredible pace. Many jobs are changing or being created requiring STEM skills. The “TE” elements of this acronym are often misunderstood in education. The presenters of this hands-on workshop will show that an understanding of STEM should involve the development of skills including the development of basic algorithms to collect data, then clean, analyse and interpret (all skills in the Victorian and Australian Mathematics Curriculums). The presenters will share a variety of basic data collection methods, but also share some interesting public available data sets to capture students’ attention, and support them developing these crucial sets of skills. Finally, examples and discussions will be had of how this can fit into a mathematics continuum to align programming, probability and statistics with the other core skills of number/algebra that are the foundation of STEM."

In the workshop .. we will show, discuss and use:

 If you want to learn more about inexpensive dataloggers that your "Systems Engineering" class might build .. look here!

This page was updated on: 18/11/2019